Multi-family residential building, Vršac


  • EXECUTION PERIOD: 12 months
  • Number of floors: P+3

Based on the request of the Investor, the terms of reference, the Location Conditions and the Building Permit, a project for the construction of a multi-family residential building in Užička bb Vršac Street, KP 9634/1 KO Vršac was prepared. Access to the lot is achieved from Užička Street. The number of floors in the building is GF + 3.

  • The pedestrian entrance to the building is on the north-west side. The ground floor of the building is located at an elevation of ± 0.00 m = 107.36 m and it is raised above the sidewalk elevation by 0.28 m, so it is accessed by an external staircase and a ramp. All floors in the building are accessed by stairs. There are 5 residential units organized on the ground floor, the hygienic pantries of the building are on the I, II and III floor. All 4 floors have 5 residential units, a total of 20 residential units, as follows: 5 one and a half-room and 15 two-room units. The building is rectangular in shape, and the ground floor dimensions are 21.20 m x 18.90 m.

The building is in base approximately rectangular in shape, with overall dimensions: A x B = 21.20 m x 18.90 m, and the number of floors is: GF + 3 floors, without a basement and with an exit to the attic which is not used. The roof is designed as a gable roof with a roof pitch of 25º. The roof covering is a classic roof tile, which is fixed to the slats placed over the OSB plates on the horns of the roof construction. A layer of paper is placed over the OSB board.

The wooden roof structure is designed as a classic one with horns, roof rafters and studs on the supporting elements of the structure. The mezzanine structures, except for the floor slab of the ground floor, are designed as a semi-prefabricated ceiling of the „LMT“ type. In the places of the bathroom (sanitary blocks), due to the tracing of water and canalization pipes, a recessed AB plate was designed with a thickness of dp = 12 cm. Due to the configuration of the terrain and the placement of the building on the ground, the floor slab of the ground floor was designed as an AB slab leaning on the foundation walls and for the corresponding loads and contour conditions it was adopted thickness: dp = 12cm and is made of MB30 concrete reinforced with mesh and ribbed reinforcement.

The main supporting system of the construction is a combination of masonry and skeletal system. Vertical communication is enabled by a dog-legged staircase. The minimal required effective foundation depth (geotechnical study) of Df min = 1.20 m was adopted, which would make the foundation of the building in a favorable environment (Cl – clay). The condition of the groundwater in the field is very favorable, so that the entire excavation and construction of the foundation structure will be carried out in the overburden zone. The projected foundation structure is in the form of foundation strips under the supporting AB walls connected in both orthogonal directions so that it forms a rigid and stable whole. It is made of concrete brand MB 20 reinforced, with smooth reinforcement with the thickness of the foundation strip dt = 40 cm, and the width and the required reinforcement are according to the static calculation.

The facade walls are designed from 25 cm hollow clay blocks, which are covered with stone wool 10 cm thick. The facade system is designed in the following layers over thermal insulation panels: glue, glass mesh, glue, substrate, and Bavalit finishing.

The finishing of the floors in the building are projected depending on the purpose of the rooms. Granite ceramics are provided in the entrance part, windshield, stairs and common hallways. The apartments have floor ceramics in the hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and loggias, while the living rooms and bedrooms have laminate flooring.

The final treatment is placed on previously laid layers of cement screed, thermal insulation, hydro isolation and other layers, depending on the type of mezzanine construction. The inner walls are made of block bricks with a thickness of d = 10, d = 20 cm. The walls are plastered and painted with semi-dispersion paints, while the bathrooms and kitchens are covered with ceramic tiles. In the bathrooms, the ceramic tiles are placed from floor to ceiling, while in the kitchens they are up to 1.50 m high.

All facade carpentry is designed as PVC carpentry, with interrupted thermal bridge, glazed with thermal insulation glass, with or without aluminum shutters – depending on the position where they are located.

The construction of the windows and window sash is made of PVC five-chamber profiles with galvanized steel reinforcement, with interrupted thermal bridge, with a double sealing system with EPDM rubber vulcanized in the corners. Position glazing is double low-emission glass 4 + 15 + 4 mm. The interior doors are standard wooden carpentry, and the entrance doors to the apartments are with anti-burglary security.

The entrance door to the building is made of plastic-coated aluminum profiles with glazed thermal insulation glass and dimensions according to regulations for people with special needs. The protective railing and handrails of the staircase are made of steel tubular and box profiles, which are anticorrosive protected and painted several times with metal paint, in all respects according to the manufacturer’s suggestions and instructions. Fences and handrails on the terraces are also made of painted steel profiles.

Atmospheric water drainage from the roof is solved by horizontal roof valley and rain gutter verticals made of plasticized steel sheet. For the construction of horizontal valleys and vertical gutters, as well as the protection of parts of the building with sheet metal, there is a plasticized steel sheet with a thickness of 0.60 mm. Depending on the place of installation, i.e., the element of protection of the building, the joining of the elements of the plasticized sheet should be done with horizontal and standing double bends (lacing), all in accordance with the technical regulations.

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