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Which floor is the best? Advantages and disadvantages of the position of the apartment

The position of the apartment is one of the most important factors when buying or renting a unit. In addition to the price, equipment, and location, the fact on which floor the apartment is located and what its position is in the building, will decide all the next steps in adjusting to life.

It is generally known that the prices of square meters of apartments on the ground floor and attic are lower (often by 20-30%) compared to apartments located in the interspace, but is that what really separates them completely?

Grading today helps you make an informed decision about which floor is best for your life, taking into account only your needs and the fact of how much you are willing to compromise.

Position of the apartment on the ground floor: Advantages and disadvantages of living on the ground floor

Experience tells us that buyers find it most difficult to choose apartments located on the ground floor. That is why we present you some of the most common advantages and disadvantages of living on the ground floor.

Advantages of the apartment on the ground floor:

  1. Extremely easy to heat (which is very important in winter and at the turn of the seasons)
  2. Maintains a pleasant temperature in summer (easy to cool down on the ground floor)
  3. No climbing stairs or elevator
  4. They are easily accessible (an amazing opportunity for new families with children/stroller)
  5. Nature is at your fingertips

Disadvantages of life on the ground floor:

  1. Ground floor apartments in many buildings are not lit like those on higher floors
  2. You have to put on thicker curtains or hold blinds so that neighbors and passers-by can’t see you
  3. Burglars usually choose the ground floors for burglaries. This means that there are no open windows or doors from the terrace when you leave the apartment.

* Buyers who still decide to buy an apartment on the ground floor, ensure their safety by installing bars on the windows and installing security doors.

Zalazak sunca koji se dešava iza grada sa visokim stambenim i poslovnim zgradama

Life on the top floor

Apartments on the top floor have a similar fate of demand, although we can say from experience that they are a bit more in demand. The population that is interested in buying an apartment on the ground floor is extremely diverse.

So, you can expect that a buyer who is very young is interested in the apartment on the top floor, but it can also be a retiree.

Advantages of the apartment on the top floor:

  1. The biggest advantage of the apartment on the top floor is that there is no noise from neighbors above
  2. Apartments on the top floor are usually the brightest units in the building, all year round
  3. Apartments on the top floor most likely have the biggest terrace (which offers the most beautiful view)

Disadvantages of life on the top floor:

  1. One of the biggest flaws of life on the top floor is the stairs. Old buildings, even those up to four floors, usually do not have an elevator. And the elevator can break down
  2. Question of deficient thermal insulation: Apartments on the top floor are difficult to heat in winter and cool in summer
  3. Question of deficient waterproofing
  4. If you live near a busy street, be prepared to hear much louder noise than tenants on lower floors *.

* Buyers who decide to buy an apartment on the top floor, easily get rid of noise from a busy street by investing in quality insulation and carpentry.

A short story about what life in the attic can be like

You must love the look of the attic in order to decide to buy this housing unit. And what’s there to dislike? Spacious rooms? Brightness?

In a recent blog, Grading presented all the advantages and disadvantages of living in such an environment. Visit the link below and enjoy the text.

Attic apartment: Advantages and disadvantages of living in the attic

P.S: Here are some of the best ideas for decorating an apartment located in the attic.

Golden middle: Are the apartments in the middle the best for living

No matter how good the insulation is – there is a great possibility that you often hear your neighbors pulling chairs, banging, shouting, etc.

A broken elevator can be a difficult task if you are carrying bags from the store or you are a parent with a baby in a stroller

What is the best position of the apartment? Many of you will probably immediately say “somewhere in the middle”. Although apartments positioned on the inner floors of the building do not have all the advantages of proximity to the entrance as apartments on the ground floor, or huge terraces of apartments on the top floor – they are far more sought after by buyers.

Those apartments on the lower floors are especially in demand. Second, third, and often even first floor. These apartments sell the fastest.

Advantages of living in an apartment on the inner floor:

  1. Usually have the best insulation
  2. Apartments on, for example, on the first or second floor, are most sought after because they are easily accessible when the building does not have an elevator or it is defective.

Disadvantages of living on the inner floor: .

What is a withdrawn floor?

Professionally, the withdrawn floor is the last unit (floor), which is about a meter and a half away from the front and rear facade of the flat building.

In new buildings, penthouse-type apartments are usually on a withdrawn floor; one, two, or three units of one hundred plus squares.

Advantages of buying an apartment on a withdrawn floor:

  1. Lack of neighbors
  2. Panoramic view from the window and terrace (often several)
  3. Spacious and numerous rooms, and space that acts as a whole

Disadvantages of an apartment on a secluded floor:

  1. Non-affordable price for many buyers
  2. The biggest concern is the suspicion of hydro and thermal insulation of the roof
  3. Existence and implementation of a guarantee on the renovation and maintenance of the roof of the building

We advise you to consult someone well before deciding to buy such a housing unit, as well as any other apartment in the building. Best with an investor. Direct selling is for a reason a very popular choice for buying an apartment.

Grading is at your disposal for any questions, concerns, or just buying a home. We know how important this moment is for the whole family. That is why we are here to make a decision together that we will all be happy with.