Advice published21.06.2020
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Three tips on how to design an apartment on your own

you follow the trends in decorating and have a sense of achieving an aesthetically perfect space with the help of colors, lighting, and furniture, you can try and design your own apartment. Interior designers are very skillful in manipulating space and know exactly the ways to highlight beautiful details in a home, but also to hide its flaws. Here are three simple tips to help you design an apartment.


The first and basic step is to create a color palette that will run through your new home. Designers usually choose several colors that complement each other and use them for walls, tiles, furniture, and details in all rooms in the home. In that way, the apartment gets a beautiful, harmonious whole.

It is perfectly fine for one room in the apartment to be totally different in style, to be separated from the others by its appearance. When creating such an apartment, one should be especially skillful in using materials, colors, textures, and furniture. It is certainly advisable to hire or consult with designers who have this as their primary occupation.


We don’t all have big apartments or spacious living rooms, so every trick for a better first impression is precious. In addition to the basic rules that in smaller rooms the walls should be lighter in color and without too much furniture, you should be careful that the furniture is not very tall so that it can make the room look more spacious, i.e., you can choose armchairs that have thin and low armrests. This way, these pieces of furniture will not clog the entire space. Another tip is large mirrors that allow more natural light and visually increase the space. If you want to change the total impression of the apartment, place mirrors over the entire walls, but decorated with moldings, some decorative borders, or unusually arranged so that the space does not look like a shop window. You will see that the result will be phenomenal.


If you have a favorite piece of furniture, find the perfect place for it. In fact, set it up so that it is the center of attention. Designers always point out that a well-decorated home is characterized by items that mean something to the owner or are very attractive in terms of design. So do not hesitate to put an attractive armchair in the apartment or to direct the light of the lamp on a piece of furniture that is important to you.

You should pay special attention when buying a set of seats because you will not change them so often. When choosing such pieces of furniture, pay attention to the quality, comfort, dimensions, and durability of the fabric. If you have children or pets, designers recommend modular sofas and sets, because if it gets stained or damaged, you can always upholster only one part of them.

And finally, a quote “A designer knows that he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing to take away”.