Advice published20.02.2018
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Moving – how to deal with it with as little stress as possible?

Moving can be one of the most exciting moments in life.

Or it can be an equally negative, undesirable event. In fact, relocations rank high on the stress scale.

How to deal with moving with as little stress and more pleasantly? Believe it or not, there are things you can do to make moving a positive experience.

Here are some tips on how to alleviate these stressful moments:

  • Mark where you packed what

Arm yourself with markers and solid wide strips to strengthen the bottom of the boxes before you start stacking things in them. If you have the opportunity, reinforce the bottom of the box with an extra layer of cardboard. When the box is ready to close, mark with markers which is the upper side and in which room of the new apartment it should be taken. Glue a sheet of paper over the top of the box and write on it what is in the box. That way you will know where you are at all times. Boxes with fragile items should be specially marked.

  • Pack in smaller boxes

Smaller boxes are preferable for moving. Large boxes are much harder to carry and will give you trouble the moment you try to push them away. This is very important when packing books or heavier things under which the bottom of larger boxes could sag at the most inconvenient moment. Don’t forget to strengthen these boxes and write on them where they should be taken and what they contain.

  • Opportunity to throw away everything you don’t need

Most people spend years collecting unnecessary things in the home that, whether they want to admit it or not, bury them. Get rid of all that, give gifts, give them away to those who need them, and throw away what is useless.

You will do a good deed, reduce the number of things to pack and carry, and you will not burden the new space with items that you do not need and that you have not used for years and probably never will.

Finally, a few useful tips:

  • Choose the right time to move (the best is the weekend when it’s not too crowded).
  • Get moving boxes or large sturdy plastic bags with handles in time to make things easier to carry.
  • Before you bring things into the new space, determine the space in the apartment where you will put all the boxes you brought.
  • Mark the boxes with fragile things with special colors or strips to emphasize to the carriers that it is a special load.