Reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Hemodialysis Service facility

  • Complete construction works have been completed, and they include a certain change in the structure of the internal space in order to improve the conditions for patients and to place the reverse osmosis device in the upper part of the building.
  • Production of interior wall coverings, ceilings and floors.
  • A complete replacement of electrical installations was done, with the installation of the necessary installations for fire alarm.
  • A new heating installation was made /pipelines and radiators/.
  • A new installation for air conditioning and ventilation of the building was done.
  • Thermal insulation of the building was done with the requirements of „energy efficiency of the building“.
  • A new water and sewage network has been built.
  • The entrance to the facility for patients has been reconstructed, i.e., adjusted by making a sloping access ramp and a staircase with a canopy.

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