Multi-family residential building in the street Kupreška 6, Jagodina

Project description

  • Realization deadline: 60 days
  • Object: Stari Juhor, Jagodina, corner of Kneza Milete and Dositejeva streets
  • Status: All apartments sold and moved into
  • A multi-family residential building with floors B + GF + 4 floors has been designed on the site. The building has a rectangular shape measuring 12.14 m x 36.16 m, with bay windows and terraces on higher floors. The building is free-standing, oriented towards the access street.
  • The building contains three functional units:
    • The basement is designed on the underground floor with a total of two storage rooms, one technical room – substation, elevator installation room and nine separate garages.
    • The residential part is designed on the higher floors. The residential part is designed to contain 6 two-room apartments and 1 three-room apartment on each floor. Two-room apartments contain: hallway, bedroom, living room with dining area and kitchen, bathroom and terrace, while three-room apartments contain: hallway, two bedrooms, living room with dining area and kitchen, bathroom and terrace.
      • The clear height of the building varies depending on the level and purpose of the room and it is: -2.70 m in the basement and 2.60 m in living space.
      • The total gross area of ​​the building is 2,551.35 m2.
  • The building is designed as a masonry structure with reinforced concrete columns and a light semi-prefabricated ceiling LMT. The foundation slab is a solid reinforced concrete slab d=50 cm.
  • The masonry walls in the basement are made of concrete blocks d=25.0 cm in cement mortar, and the walls in the other floors are made of Klimabloc thermo bricks d=25 cm in flexible mortar.
  • The facade walls are covered with styrofoam d=10 cm with glue, mesh and the final acrylic facade.

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