Multi-family housing for displaced persons

Project description

  • Total building area: 1,800 m2
  • Address: Velimira Stevanovica no number, Bresnica, Kragujevac
  • The administrative part of the building contains an exhibition hall, library, reading room, multimedia hall and offices for employees.
  • The multi-family residential building consists of two entrances facing each other, with 13 apartments per entrance, floors ground floor + 3 floors. The works included in the project are excavation with backfilling-replacement of soil, production of a complete reinforced concrete structure with ceilings of AB 15 cm thick.
  • The building is built with a Thermo block and is additionally insulated with 15 cm thick styrofoam. A flat roof is planned. The project includes complete water supply and sewage installations as well as electrical installations.

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