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When looking for a place for your new home location is key!

When we say Panorama Erdoglija, the first association is a quiet family area, isolated from the city bustle near the most famous memorial park Šumarice, which in addition to spacious walking paths and many other activities, provides a healthy environment for living and growing up of your little ones. If you are a nature lover, love horse sports, and think that they really represent a symbol of power, then the location of the residential complex Panorama Erdoglija is an ideal choice for you due to the proximity of the Hippodrome. Equestrian sport, in addition to sports and recreation, also has an educational, ecological, and tourist role.

At our hippodrome, you have the opportunity to enjoy horseback riding, improve the skills of this sport and enjoy it. The view from our apartments on the Hippodrome and Šumarice really justifies the name, which you will see for yourself. When you grab your free time just for yourself, you will be able to enjoy the acoustic restaurants right on the hippodrome.

The safety of our children is our number one priority, so the proximity of kindergartens such as “Zeka”, “Dobrica” ​​and the school “Stanislav Sremčević” will provide you with peace and carefree childhood for your children.

Panorama Erdoglija also thought about how important play is for the development of psycho-physical skills of a child and that it is a lens through which children experience the world around them, in this regard they will be able to develop their creativity and imagination in our complex. Another of the benefits provided by the location is the “Sokolana” complex, constructed in 1929, and located in the immediate vicinity of Panorama. Recorded as a cultural asset and under the protection of the Institute for the Protection of Monuments, whose complex houses a park and a monument dedicated to King Aleksandar I Karađorđević. So, we are talking about the historical value of the location itself.

The city center is only 2km away, enough to have a quiet and unpolluted environment, and on the other hand, everything is so close to you that in a few minutes you are going to be in the center. Ideal, isn’t it? Another of the many benefits that the location provides is the Plaza shopping center, just 100m from our complex. Entertainment, shopping, cinema, shopping, playroom, all in one place.

When we talk about the position and air quality, it is necessary to mention that this is the highest point in Kragujevac and thus confirm all our arguments related to the part of the convenience that the location provides. See for yourselves that Panorama Erdoglija provides peace and comfort of life in the most beautiful part of Kragujevac.