Zeland Belgrade

Project description

  • Key in hands
  • Floors: B + B (residential part) + GF + 3 floors + gallery
  • Area: 3500 m2
  • Residential building A is located within the complex ‘Zeland’ – a residential complex in an exclusive location in Dedinje.
  • The building has floors B + B (residential part) + GF + 3 floors + gallery with an approximate gross area of ​​about 3,500 m2.
  • Level -2 is reserved for garages that are accessed via ramps and technical rooms.
  • Level -1 or basement level is provided for storage for residents and two, not as luxurious apartments as the rest of them, of approximately 100 m2.
  • The ground floor and two floors are designed with two apartments per floor of approximately 250 m2, while the third floor with a technical floor is reserved for an apartment of 250 m2 and a duplex of 500 m2.
  • The construction system is reinforced-concrete-panel with load-bearing vertical elements d = 20 cm.
  • The mezzanine structure is reinforced concrete with bearing in both directions d = 24 cm.
  • The complete reinforced concrete structure is made of DOKA system formwork.
  • Walls: Facade walls are sandwich walls composed of reinforced concrete wall, i.e., hollow clay block d=20 cm, mineral wool with a quilt d=8 cm, brick wall d=12 cm.
    • The interior walls are made of hollow clay blocks d=20 cm, and bricks d=12 cm and machine-plastered in the Rofix mortar system.
  • Floors: All floors are in the system of floating floors: Isover mineral wool d=2 cm with cement layer.
  • Insulation: Horizontal and vertical waterproofing of the building is made of ‘Sika’ foil, as well as insulation of flat roofs and terraces.
    • The waterproofing of the bathroom is made with polymer-cement coatings (Izomat).
    • Thermal insulation is made of mineral wool type ‘Knauf’ of variable thickness depending on the project.
  • Facade: The facade is made in the Rofix system: mortar with glue and mesh protected with a primer and finished with Si & Si paint.
  • The facility is located at 23 Neznanog junaka Street in Belgrade.
  • The number of storeys of the building is 2 B + B (residential part) + GF + 1 + 2 + WF + WF with an orientation area of ​​about 18,000 m2.
  • The above-ground part of the building is placed on the construction line in the direction of Neznanog junaka Street with its longer side, and its shorter side is placed on the construction line in the direction of Mirko Tomić Street.
  • The underground part of the building is placed on the borders of the plot.
  • The building consists of two levels of underground garages (level -2 and level -3), basement also underground, ground floor, two floors, withdrawn floor and technical floors.
  • There are parking spaces in the underground floor -3 and partly in the underground floor -2. In the remaining part of floor -2 there is a swimming pool with accompanying facilities. In the underground floor -1 (basement) there is a banquet hall with all the accompanying facilities, and the ground floor is intended for a hall with a reception and a restaurant. On the first floor there are rooms for visitors, and on the technical floor there are technical rooms.
  • The building is basically rectangular in shape, measuring 60.0 m × 50.0 m in the underground part and 44.0 m x 32.0 m in the above-ground part. Floor heights of the building are (h-3 = 3.1 m, h-2 = 3.2 m, h-1 = 5.4 m, h0 = 4.8 m, h1 = 3.7 m, h2 = 3, 7 m, hwf = 3.7 m, hwf = 4.4 m). In the garage, the heights are 3.10 m and 3.20 m and on the ground floor 5.40 m. The total height of the above-ground part of the building with the technical house is 20.90 m. The building is buried at a height of almost three floors and is based on a foundation slab d = 60 cm with counter beams d/b = 140/200 cm.
  • The vertical load-bearing elements of the building structure are a.b. core walls d = 12 – 40 cm thick and basement perimeter walls d=25 cm, from which a system of a.b. walls appear towards the interior of the building as a buttress, together with circular ab pillars Ø70, Ø100 coupled with steel core (welded I profile) and square a.b. columns 70/70 cm, 60/60 cm, 50/50 cm that extend from the foundation slab to the top of the building. A.b. ceilings are d=26 cm thick. In addition to the mentioned structural elements, on the part of the building between axes 01 and 05 and D and G, the mezzanine ceilings above the ground floor and the first floor are made of steel beams coupled with dowels with a.b. plate d=12 cm which is supported on one side by a concrete beam and on the other suspended from a steel turnbuckle that extends from the mezzanine ceiling above the ground floor, all the way to the roof where it is anchored in a large wall girder. All a.b. mezzanine structures on the part of the building between axes 01 and 05 and D and G were hung on the mentioned turnbuckle. Such a constructive system required consideration and harmonization of construction technology with the projected phases of acceptance of static influences in structural elements. The complete structure in the zone between axes 01 and 05 and D and G was kept under the scaffolding from the foundation to the top of the building due to the construction of ceilings that were hung on steel tensions. Supporting this part of the structure was done in cooperation with the company DOKA Serb LLC. In this part of the structure, the formwork of all panels above the ground floor was removed only after reaching the full load-bearing capacity of the large roof girder. Scaffolding was removed floor by floor. Scaffolding around a steel turnbuckle measuring 60 x 38 cm on an area of ​​2.0 x 2.0 m along all floors was first removed in order to avoid redistribution of influence in the steel turnbuckle for which it was not designed or planned. After removing the scaffolding in this zone, the scaffolding was dismantled successively, following the measuring tapes, the elongation of the turnbuckle and the input of force into this structural element. The measurement of turnbuckle elongation was performed in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade.
  • On level -2 there is a swimming pool. The pool is irregular in shape, with internal dimensions of 10.84 × 7.62 m. The pool is of the skimmer type, of equal water depth h = 1.45 m. The upper edge of the pool is, due to the skimmer, 15 cm higher than the water. On both sides of the pool, there is a hydromassage bench 0.45 m wide and 0.60 m deep. On the opposite side, there is an entrance to the pool with 6 steps, an arched shape of unreinforced concrete, dimensions h/b = 26.7/30 cm. The pool is over its AB walls on the AB foundation slab of the building in which it is located.
  • Below the pool, there is a space of variable height. This space is filled with well-packed gravel which is the base for the bottom panel of the pool.

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