Tempo – Čačak

Project description

  • Floors: P+1+gallery
  • Gross area: 8,500 m2

The building has floors Ground floor + 1 floor + gallery, with an approximate area of ​​about 8500m2. The ground floor of the building has an entrance/exit part for visitors and employees, an open parking space for around 84 vehicles, as well as a loading and unloading zone and accompanying technical rooms. On the first floor there is a sales area, reception area, entrance for staff on the side of the reception ramp, the area of ​​reception and storage of products, and on the entrance control entrance and cafe. For the purpose of organizing the delivery and reception of goods through hydraulic ramps, there is an access plateau on the northwest side. Above the stored part of the building is a gallery with office, sanitary and technical rooms (offices, changing rooms for employees, toilets, rest room, archive, electrical room, and engine room).

The constructive system is made with load-bearing reinforced concrete columns depending on the functional, aesthetic and commercial requirements in a favorable structural grid. Reinforced concrete pillars are 50/50 cm in size in a designed grid. The mezzanine structure is of the ‘mushroom’ ceiling type d = 28 cm. The capitals have dimensions of 300/300 x cm in the designed grid. Reinforced concrete walls are d = 20 cm thick. The complete reinforced concrete structure is made of DOKA system formwork. The roof structure is made as a steel grille and the roof covering with single TR sheet metal, stone wool and SIKA PLAN roof foil.

Walls: Facade cladding consists of sandwich panels with mineral wool filling d = 10 cm which are directly attached to the concrete structure. The inner walls are made of hollow clay blocks d = 20 cm with the necessary plastering of surfaces. The inner walls of delicatessen and office rooms are made of plasterboard on the required steel-galvanized construction with the necessary smoothing, painting and covering with ceramic tiles. The rooms in the cooling zone are made of polyurethane panels of appropriate thickness.
Floors: Rugs are placed in the administrative premises. The internal AB staircase is covered with ceramic tiles, the sanitary rooms with ceramic tiles, and the entrance hall and cafe with granite ceramics.
Ceilings: In the sales part of the building there is a lower ceiling. In the zone of reception and preparation of meat, fruit and vegetable products, dairy and frozen products, there is a ceiling of monolithic plasterboard and thermal insulation panels with polyurethane filling of appropriate thickness. In the administrative space and the rooms around the entrance to the building, there is a ceiling made of modular plasterboard. In sanitary rooms, wardrobes, etc. there is a design of a lower ceiling made of waterproof plasterboard.

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