In Grading company, apartments and business facilities are characterized by modern design, functionality, outstanding views, but also by numerous amenities in the buildings, such as an underground garage, inner yard and maintenance service.


Grading follows world housing trends, and conceives its business ventures so that the residents and users have all the necessary facilities at their fingertips.

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Problem / Situation

One of the characteristics of the modern age is certainly the aspiration toward an urban way of life in big cities and at the same time they need for everything to be close and at hand.

However, all who aspire to an urban way of life would at the same time wish to be surrounded by the impeccable silence of nature and the things that bring peace and balance. As the speed of life always takes us under its wing, this balance is one of the main ideals which inspires the Grading team.


We decided to combine our knowledge and 30 years of impeccable reputation with years of top business philosophy in real estate. Through working with Grading, our employees and our associates see an opportunity to learn and apply the highest quality systems and models of business, get the best education and training, thus achieving results beyond expectations and building residential and commercial buildings in which it is a pleasure to stay.

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We welcome and encourage the arrival of new associates who believe that only the sky is the limit, who seek constant improvement and progress, and who will live with us every day our Vision, Mission and Value.

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