ISO 9001:2008

Grading - Izgradnja i adaptacija stambenih, poslovnih i industrijskih objekata

Project: Vila Dobrila


Technical description

Residential building - Villa


INVESTOR: Private investor

LOCATION: 10 Vaska Pope Street, Dedinje, Belgrade



Residential building located in the elite Belgrade area - Dedinje, was taken in the "grey phase", i.e. with completed construction and according to The Investor's requirements, in addition to intervention in the interior, it is necessary to materialize the object to the highest standards in design and furnishing.


Number of floors is B+GF+1F+Attic with approximately 600 m2 of gross section area.

The building is functionally divided by floors as follows: basement- additional rooms (cleaning lady`s flat, laundry, storage and technical rooms) and the common areas (swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, wine cellar), ground floor - living area (lobby, bar kitchen and economic kitchen, dining room, lounge, library), 1st floor - parents and guest block (blocks are formed in the system of room + cloakroom + bathroom with shared living room) and attic -children's block.


Facade: The exterior facade is shaped by combining the grain structure white color and travertine stone cladding.

Interior walls: In the interiors as wall cladding were used stone, decorative pottery and decorative wallpaper.

Flooring: For the flooring were provided massive parquet, imported ceramics and stone tiles.

Landscape solution: Yards and approaches were designed in printed concrete, which was also used as the covering for greenery and flower boxes.

Installation: The building is equipped with the latest types of installations that include central air-conditioning and ventilation, underfloor heating, passive cable TV network and Internet, as well as the access control.



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