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Project: Vila Ana


Technical Description

For the Main Architectural and Civil Works Design
For business-residential building in 4- 4a Gvozdićeva Street, Belgrade

  Auto put Bgd - Novi Sad br. 83
LOCATION: 5a Smetanina Street, Belgrade


Architectural solution has come as a result of the latest features of modern residential architecture in Belgrade, as well as by following The Investor's requests.
The garage is designed in the building's basement floor, providing comfortable accommodation for 4 vehicles, with adjoining technical room. According to the project, vehicular entrance to the garage is provided over the car ramp, from Smetana Street.
On the right side is the living area: living room and dining room.
On the left, opposite to the dining room, spacious kitchen is designed, with space for storage. Living room is divided into two parts by applying different floor levels. On the left side of the main communication direction, in front area near the building entrance, the block consisting of library and adjoining guest room with associated bathroom is designed.
In the front part of the building plot towards the south side, on the right from the perspective of the main walking direction, an outdoor swimming pool is designed.
On the northern part of the plot, behind the building in relation to the building entrance, a small single-storey building for the servants is designed.
On the first floor of the main building three bedrooms with associated bathrooms are designed.
Design provides a low-hight roof with multi- slopes using one common gutter.


Structural elements of the building are done in combination of concrete, reinforced concrete, clay blocks and bricks.
Foundation is done by a foundation slab.
Structural system is combined, skeletal and solid.
In the basement walls are of reinforced concrete, while the walls on the other floors are of clay blocks with horizontal and vertical ring beams.


WALLS: Facade walls are of clay blocks 25cm in thickness with 8cm of thermal insulation, 2cm of air space and three types of wall cladding: natural stone, composite material of "Fundermax" type, with panels with wood pattern, and the walls with finishing acrylic coating in white color. Partition walls are made of hollow bricks 12cm in thickness, plastered on both sides with semi-dispersive finishing paint.
Facade of the auxiliary building is constructed by combining the glass surfaces with solid walls cladded with façade bricks and white acryl paint.

JOINERY AND METALWORKS: The façade metalwork elements are made of anodized aluminium with thermal break and double low-emission glass package with argon filling.
Interior joinery consists of: two-panel mediapan doors, while the entrance doors are safety front doors, of metal construction and covered by mediapan and laminate, in color by the designer's selection.

FLOORING: The floors are covered by high quality ceramics, granite ceramic tiles in the interior, and by combination of burned grouting floor granite tiles and composite materials of "Compowood" type for the exterior. All the ceramics is imported (Italy, Spain). Parquet is of "S" class.

CEILING: Mechanical mortar on a plaster base with semi-dispersive paint finishing.

GUTTERING: Gutters and gutter downpipes are of painted steel sheets. Gutter flashings are made of aluminium sheet in color chosen by designer.

ROOF: Roof covering is of prefabricated flat roof metal sheet.


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