ISO 9001:2008

Grading - Izgradnja i adaptacija stambenih, poslovnih i industrijskih objekata

Tempo Čačak


Technical description

Of the performed construction and finishing works on business-commercial building in Čačak


  INVESTOR: JP Železnice Srbije (DELTA MAXI), 6 Nemanjina St, Belgrade




The number of floors is: GF+1+gallery with approximate total area of cca 8500m2.
On the ground floor are located In/Out section for visitors and employees, open parking space for cca 84 vehicles as well as the admission-shipment zone and related technical rooms.

On the first floor, there's a retail space, goods receiving and storage space, entrance for the employees from the side of entrance ramp, products delivery and storage area, and, at the entrance area, access control and cafe.
For better organization of delivery and receipt of goods through the hydraulic ramps, there's an access plateau from the north-western side.

Above the building's storage area, there's a gallery with office, sanitary and technical rooms (offices, dressing rooms for employees, toilets, rest room, archives, electrical room, and mechanical room).


The structural system is constructed with load-bearing reinforced concrete columns, depending on the functional, aesthetic and commercial requests in a favorable structural equidistance.

Reinforced concrete columns' dimensions are 50/50cm in a favorable designed equidistance.
Floor structure is of capital ceiling type d=28cm. The capitals' dimensions are 300/300xcm in a favorable designed equidistance.
The reinforced concrete walls are of thickness d=20cm.
The complete reinforced concrete structure was made by use of DOKA formwork system.
Roof structure is constructed as steel frames and roof top consists of TR tin sheet, stone wool and SIKAPLAN roofing membrane.


Facade claddings consist of sandwich panels with mineral wool filling d=10cm with direct hanging on concrete structure.
The inner walls are made of clay blocks of thickness d=20cm, with necessary plastering of the surfaces. The interior walls of the delicatessen shops and office space are made of plaster boards on required steel-galvanized construction with necessary plastering, painting and ceramic tiling.
Rooms in refrigerated area are made of polyurethane panels of suitable thickness.

The administrative office areas are covered with carpets. Internal RC staircase is covered with ceramic tiles, same as sanitary facilities, whilst both in the entrance hall and in café the granite tiles are installed.

In the sales area of the building were made the suspended ceilings. In the area of reception and preparation of meat, fruit, vegetable, milk and frozen products, the ceiling was made of monolithic plaster boards and thermo insulating panels with polyurethane filling of adequate thickness.

In the administrative area and in areas around the building entrance is set the modular plaster boards ceiling. Inside the sanitary facilities, changing room and so on, are designed the suspended ceilings of waterproof gypsum plasterboards.


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