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Grading - Izgradnja i adaptacija stambenih, poslovnih i industrijskih objekata

Savina, Herceg Novi


Technical description

For executed residential building of apartment type in Herceg Novi, Montenegro


  INVESTOR: Privatno lice
  LOCATION:: Savina, Herceg Novi, Crna Gora

Named building represents the synthesis of all the activities and facilities operated by Grading: architectural designing and the performance of all the finishing works, engineering for the installation works, designing and furnishing of the interior in "turnkey" option.



Residential building with apartments is located in the elite part of Herceg Novi, Savina. The works on the building are taken in "gray phase", i.e. after completed structure works and, according to the Investors' requirements, the building ought to be constructed and refurbished in the spirit of modern architecture, but also with full respect to the architecture and the characteristics of the region.
For this purpose, in the materialization of building were used only the traditional elements and materials, interpreted through the language of modern architecture.



Objekat je spratnosti  S+P+1+Pot orijentacione površine oko 450 m2.
Preko zajedničkog stepeništa pristupa se luksuznim apartmanima površine oko 100 m2 u prizemlju, I spratu i potkrovlju, dok je za dva manja gostinska apartmana u suterenu ulaz obezbeđen direktno iz dvorišta. U suterenu su zajedničke tehničke prostorije, kao i zajednička perionica.
Luksuzni apartmani su podeljeni na dva bloka: dnevni sa lođama sa pogledom na more i noćni: spavaće sobe sa pripadajućim terasama.
U dvorištu je takođe obezbeđen parking prostor za dva automobila.



Façade: In exterior designing, for basement materialization was used natural stone- Danilovgrad bunja, which is characteristic of this surrounding, in modern-minimalistic laying style. Mediterranean elements, such as stone claustra and window shutters, stone elements on the arches and balconies, are also used, emphasizing contextuality of the building. Another element borrowed from the surrounding are laminated wood pergolas on terraces. The colors are taken from the surrounding: green color as the shades of greenery, the color of wood, white, beige and sand nuances.

Internal walls:
For the interior wall cladding was used natural stone, as the traditional material combined with modernistic furniture and once more emphasizes the link between old and new. In the bathrooms, wall ceramic tiles with floral motifs imitate the ornamental plants of Mediterranean.

As floor cladding were used ceramic tiles in sand color, with stone texture in traditional 'Russian' style laying. Stone mosaics were used for stairs, as details.

Parterre solution:
Yards and approaches are done with the use of printed concrete, same as the flower pots with greenery.


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