ISO 9001:2008

Grading - Izgradnja i adaptacija stambenih, poslovnih i industrijskih objekata

Project: SPO Stepa Stepanović 4G



For designed business- residential building with underground garage in Belgrade


  Boulevard Kralja Aleksandra 84
  LOCATION: K.P. 7764/1, KO Voždovac, BELGRADE
    K.P. 7764/1, KO Voždovac,

Designed object is located on the building plot GP 4, which is in the south- western part of the complex. Type of the building is business- residential, with the underground garage. It consists of three Sections with the same number of floors.

Number of floors of the section 1 is: basement, ground floor, six floors and the roof floor (B + GF + 6 + RF). Number of floors of the section 2 is a basement, ground floor, six floors and roof floor (B + GF + 6 + RF). Number of floors of the section 3 is a basement, ground floor, six floors and floor withdrawn(B + GF + 6 + RF). The building is designed at an inclined terrain.

  Section 1 Section 2 Section 3
No of floors: B+GF+6+RF B+GF+6+RF B+GF+6+RF
Gross building area: 4376.29m2 3999.37m2 3376.29m2
No of flats: 50 30 50
No of offices: 3 2 3
Designed No of parking places: 16 10 15

* Gross building area according to SRPS standards


Vehicular and pedestrian access has been made of the internal road. The garage is under the entire building. Level of the entrance to the garage is 179.00. The garage is accessed via ramp (10%), 5.5 meters wide and 14.00 m long. This way, from the level of 177.60 we access the garage to a height of 1.40 meters. Compared to the garage floor level, the basement floor level is 182.00m.

Relative level of 00:00 ± corresponds to the absolute of 182.00m.The entrance into the sections 1,2 and 3 is over the outer stairs and ramps from theinternal road.


The basement is, by use a garage, and is also designed for technical rooms (heating substation, hydrocil, sprinklers, electrical substation and a telecom room). The garage is approached by access road width of 5.5 meters. Access to the garage is over the ramp slope (10%), which allows undesturbed entry into the garage.Design provides a total of 41 (16 +10 +15) parking spaces. Netto garage space height is of 260 cm. The garage cannot be accessed by main stairs, but by lift and auxiliary stairs. The elevator provides direct connection to the other floors. All over the garage area, the smoke ventilation is provided by the ducts which pull the air out.

Ground Floor Gabarit of the ground floor was placed on the building and regulation line. Building's lateral distance from the next building on the same plot is 24 meters. According to the purpose, on the ground floor of the sections 1, 2 and 3 are planned commercial business offices on the street facing facade of the building and the apartments on the garden oriented one. In section 1 four apartments are designed, in section 2 two flats, and in section 3 four apartments.

First Floor Gabarit of the first floor in Section 1 surpasses the the ground floor level line on the parts of erkers 0.95m and terraces by 1.20 m on the street facade and 0.6 m on the garden oriented facade. The staircase is naturally lit and ventilated. Gabarit of the first floor in section 2 crosses the ground floor line on the parts of erkers 1.00m on street facade, while on the garden oriented facade it surpasses the ground floor line on the parts of the terraces by 0.35 m. Gabarit of the first floor in section 3 surpasses the ground floor line on parts of erkers 0.95m and terraces by 1.20 m on the street facade and 0.6 m on the garden oriented facade. According to the design, in section 1 there are seven apartments, in Section 2 four flats and in section 3 seven flats.

Standard Floor (2,3,4,5,6) lies within the first floor gabarit. Design provides seven apartments in section 1, four flats in section 2 and seven flats in section 3.

Roof floor in section 1 is withdrawn considering the ground floor gabarit for 1.95m at the street facade side, and 1.85m at the garden oriented facade. Roof floor in section 2 is withdrawn considering the ground floor gabarit by 1.95m at street facing facade and by 1.75 at garden oriented one. Roof floor in section 3 is withdrawn considering the ground floor gabarit for 1.95m at the street facade side, and 1.85m at the garden oriented facade .

Total number of the apartments is 130.

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3
Studio: 21   21
Two-room flats: 19   19
Two-and-a-half-room flats: 4   4
Three-room flats: 6 24 36
Four-room flats:   6  

* With technical description the summary recapitulation of surfaces will be shown.

When designing the apartments, the standards related to the minimum required room areas were respected, considering their purpose as well as the size of the apartment. All apartments have natural light and ventilation of the rooms (living room and bedroom directly, kitchen through dining room or directly), except for bathrooms and storage. Design provides the built-in dishwasher in the apartment's kitchen, which extends the length of the working surface in kitchen to the satisfactory size

The apartments for disabled persons haven't been considered within the building plot G.P.4, but will be included in the next phase of designing for the plots G.P.1, G.P. 2 i G.P.3.

Netto height in the basement is 260cm, at ground floor is 262, ie. 280 cm, and at first, standard floor is 262cm. Floor height at the ground floor is 340, and for the first, standard and roof floor is 290cm. The staircase area is naturally lit and ventilated.


The building is founded on reinforced concrete foundation slab and piles. Foundation slab lies on a bed of lean concrete, over which the hydroinsulation is done, surrounding the foundation slab and walls from all sides to the height of 30cm above the ground.

The structural system of the building consists of reinforced concrete skeleton system. The vertical elements- columns are placed at distances of 280, 540, 560 and 600cm. The inter-floor structure is reinforced concrete slab of thickness d=20cm. Staircase and elevator shaft are made of reinforced concrete.

The roof structure consists of reinforced concrete slab, the roof slope is 6%, and the roof covering is of PVC coated steel sheets on formwork boards with hydroinsulation.


External processing - Facade walls are made as a sandwich walls (brick blocks, thermal insulation, bricks) with plastering on both sides, and in some parts, the facade is made of the brick facade. For the external side of facade walls facade paint is used, and on the internal are smoothened and painted with dispersive paint. Concrete beams on the terraces were painted with facade color. Building skirting is finalized with washed- out concrete. Roof covering is made of PVC coated steel sheet. External doors and windows to the apartments are of PVC, and of aluminum are at the entrance, stairs and commercial offices, while metalwork items are used for railings on the staircases, terraces, cellars and technical rooms. Screens may be envisaged as a rolling shutters of the plastic blades in pvc box.

Internal processing


In all rooms, dining rooms, hallways and entrances is installed classic parquet with lacqer finishing. In kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and store rooms are covered with first class ceramic tiles of local manufacturer, with necessary ceramic floor skirting. The floors in the entrance, windshield and staircase are covered with ceramic floor tiles or with slip resistant ceramic floor tiles. The floors in store and technical rooms are in cement screed, processed to black gloss. Waterproofing in the sanitary facilities has to be done up the walls to the required height. The walls behind the bathtub need to be hydroinsulated.


The walls in the living area, excluding the ones with ceramic tiling, are smoothed and painted with semi-dispersive color. Partition walls in bedrooms and living rooms are made of ytong blocks d=10 cm, and between the kitchen and sanitary facilities are made of bitter blocks d=10 cm.
In the kitchen, the base cabinet area is cladded with ceramic tiles up to height of 1.6m. The walls of the water pump room are with ceramic tiles cladding up to the height of 1.50m, and the above wall is painted with water based color. The walls in other rooms are double painted in white color, with no previous processing.
In the basement, tenants storages are devided by carpentry partitions.


In the apartments, ceilings are smoothened and painted with semi- dispersive color. The loggias and terraces ceilings are painted with facade color. The ceilings at the entrance, windshield and staircase area are to be smoothened and painted with acrylic color. Ceiligs of the basement common areas and technical rooms ought to be painted with water-base color or painted twice.

Interior joinery :

Interior joinery is in accordance with JUS standard, two plywood layers, painted and lacquered, with door casing, jambs and bumpers.The entrance doors to the apartments are solid, thermal and sound insulated (30-34 dB, first class), equipped with the door spy hole, security chain and a number. Thresholds at all entrance doors are made of beech wood, as well as wherever the difference in the type of floor occurs.

Facade joinery:

Facade joinery is in accordance with JUS standard. It is PVC joinery, with thermopane glass, with rolling shutters of pvc plastic roller blades and pvc boxes, with thermal and sound insulation. External pvc joinery is installed so as to avoid all appearance of a cold bridge (pvc joinery in line with thermal insulation).

Metalwork items:

Entry doors, windshield doors and the exterior joinery in commercial offices are made of aluminum profiles, with thermopane glass, by the principle of interrupted thermal bridges. All other doors, windows, fences, etc., are metalwork painted with oil finishing color. Fire doors are in accordance with regulations and Elaborate on fire protection.


The designed building should be equipped with:

  • Water and sewage installations
  • High voltage electrical installations
  • Low voltage electrical installations- telephone, cable TV and intercome, as well as the fire alarm system
  • Mechanical installations
  • Electrically driven elevator.


In the garage fire hydrant system is required as well as the fire doors at the entrance to the concrete staircase shaft in the garage. All other actions of alert and fire protection measures will be considered by main architectural and civil works design, as well as by main installation designs.

Residential building was designed fully in accordance with the Investor's design requests, and the applicable regulations and standards for this type of building.


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