ISO 9001:2008

Grading - Izgradnja i adaptacija stambenih, poslovnih i industrijskih objekata

Project: "Lesnina" ltd.



For the Main Architectural and Civil Design for business- residential building
in 4-4a Gvozdićeva Street, Belgrade.


  Vinogradski venac 5, Belgrade
  LOCATION: Gvozdićeva street 4-4a, Belgrade
  PROJECTANT: "JMS Consulting" ltd.


The external appearance of buildings is in compliance with the ambiental whole of macro-environment. According to design, on the ground floor level are the entrances, access to the elevator and stairs. From garages exists a direct connection by the elevator and stairs with all the apartments on the floors


On the ground floor are designed three commercial spaces (shops) facing the street and three apartments oriented towards the garden, as well as the parking space for 8 vehicles. By design, there are 6 apartments on each floor. The structure of the apartments varies from one-room flat up to four-rooms flats.

Garages are designed to be in the basement level. The access of the passenger vehicles is provided by car elevator.

Net flat height is 287 cm. Residential floor height of the housing space is 315 cm, of the office space 510 cm and in garage area is 280-330 cm. By design, there're 8 parking spaces on the ground level in the yard, and 28 parking spaces in the garage.

The building floors are planned as follows:

  • First class oak parquet in all apartment rooms and hallways of flats;
  • Granite ceramic tiles in the entrance of the building, inside the staircase area and in the office space/ alternative: oak parquet first class;
  • Ceramic tiles in the foyer of apartments, kitchens and sanitary rooms of the flats and in office space;
  • Granite ceramic tiling on the free surfaces- in corridors and the courtyard.
  • The concrete floor in technical rooms, garage and basement- basement storage rooms;

The external walls are designed with the coefficient of heat transfer under conditions of JUS.U.C5.510. Finishing of the street oriented facade is of artificial stone in combination with natural stone and the modern facade claddings, type "ALUKOBOND" on the ground floor. The walls are multilayered with the required thermal insulation. Sound insulation of the external walls complies with the terms of JUS.U.C6.201.

Partition walls of the sanitary rooms are made of solid bricks and 12 cm thick, if provided for the installations to pass through them, or 7 cm if meant for the partition function. Finishing of the internal partition walls is done with high quality dispersion paint.

Ceramic wall claddings are provided from floor to ceiling in all the kitchens, as well as in all the sanitary blocks of apartments and office space.

Walls and ceilings are plastered and painted with dispersion paint. Considering the planned floor height in commercial space, it is possible to apply the suspended ceilings in whole space or in fragments as the interior element.

Design provides standard joinery with jambs and window casements/ door leaves. The windows are made of aluminium profiles with insulating glass of appropriate sound and thermal protection considering the climate and environmental conditions.

Ironwork elements are made of high quality Fe profiles, with finishing paint after primer coating, in accordance with regulations.

Roof cover consists of painted high quality galvanized or aluminium sheet. Roof substructure is of wood- beams, covered with wooden planks. Thermal insulation will be carried out in accordance with thermal calculation.

Staircases are designed with necessary ceramic tiles lining, including finishing details According to the project, the artificial lighting and natural ventilation are provided in a staircase area. Vertical transportation is enabled by the elevator.

The building consists of a garage which is located below the street level, ground floor and three upper floors.
Structural system of the building is of reinforced concrete and consists of solid inter-floor slabs of thickness 16 cm, columns and walls which carry vertical loads.

The building is founded on a foundation counter slab of thickness 50 cm.
All the horizontal seismic impacts are taken by reinforced concrete panels, staircase and elevator shaft RC walls, in both orthogonal directions.
The following material quality is provided – for concrete MB30, and for reinforcement GA240-360, RA400/500 and MAG500/560.

The following installation and equipment are planned in the building:

  • water and sewerage
  • electrical installations
  • telecommunications
  • mechanical installations - HVAC


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