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Pig Farm "Delta Agrar"

Technical description

of the reconstruction and renovation of buildings for pig fattening in Stara Pazova

  INVESTOR: Delta Agrar
  LOCATION: Stara Pazova
  TYPE OF BUILDING: Agro-industrial structure




Buildings for pig-fattening in Stara Pazova were built in the early seventies. They are situated on a location provided for agricultural activities close to the city.
After the change of ownership, there was a need for reconstruction and renovation of the existing building objects and bringing the structure into a functional state, in accordance with the latest technologies and global trends, producers from Denmark. In addition to the adaptation, we have made new septic tanks with a circular cross section, d=36m. The structural system of buildings is concrete structure of prefabricated type (columns, main beams and rafters) with steel sandwich plate covering with filling d=5cm, gross area cca 20000m2.

Façade walls are fully retained d=8+10+8cm, adding that from the external side, for better thermal protection was done DEMIT façade. On the internal side, the walls were plastered with cement and lime mortar (because of the aggressive environment).

Roof covering isn't intended to be disassembled, so for economic reasons, over the existing steel sandwich plate with the appropriate substructure, new PVC coated steel sheet is to be set, TR 40/230/06.

Floors- the existing concrete floor structure is being entirely removed for technological reasons and the new one was made applying Danish technology.
These are RC floor grates, which we used on the basis of Danish experience.
Floor grates are placed over the reinforced concrete channels MB 30, with use of waterproofing additives V8.

Ceilings – due to the equipment supplier's request and the efficiency of ventilation system, underneath the existing steel purlins, we have made a new ceiling structure

Installations – the complete replacement of the high and low voltage electrical installations was carried out, as well as the execution of new water and sewerage network.

The greatest importance is given to the performance of the ventilation system works.


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