ISO 9001:2008

Grading - Izgradnja i adaptacija stambenih, poslovnih i industrijskih objekata

About us

Brief History

Grading Ltd. was founded in 1992, as a construction company engaged in building and adaptation of family houses and halls. Since 1994, by executing the works on the construction of stadium “Jedinstvo” in Paraćin, begins the activity of residential and business buildings construction, and during the period from 1996 until 1998 also starts the manufacturing of aluminium products.

Manufacturing business activity of the company is represented by production of fert joists and concrete blocks, and was performed manually at the beginning of the activity in 2003, and afterwards grew into a machine manufacturing in 2005, after the procurement of necessary equipment.


The founder and the owner of the company is Mr. Miroslav Mihajlović, BSc Civil Engineer. He was born in Ćuprija in 1959. He graduated in 1988 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at The University of Belgrade. Since then up to 1992, he worked in G.P. ”Pomoravlje-inženjering” in Jagodina on the positions of Designer, Construction Site Manager and as the Company’s Chief Engineer.

Since 1992, he is the founder and General Manager of the company ”Grading” Ltd. in Paraćin.


We build and adapt residential, commercial and industrial buildings, according to customer requirements using the latest construction technology. Through our involvement we provide a comprehensive service, with the possibility of professional counseling in order to optimize the investment and the project as a whole.

The experience and knowledge, based on extensive references, witnesses the quality of which is supported by the legal certainty and guarantees.

Continuous investment in staff development, equipment and machinery, we follow the current trends in construction and we are ready to answer the highest demands of the market
Through technical maintenance we enable smooth operation of facilities.

We provide and distribute building materials, with the current environmental monitoring requirements of environmental protection and energy efficiency principles.
Trust and security are our trademark.


Your partner for a safe future!

Grading is safe and organized company with its clearly defined attitudes.
Being always inclined and dedicated to clients, our activities are proactive, and development is oriented towards the clients’ needs. Clients recognize us according to the quality through respecting contractual obligations.
By the implementation of the up-to-date technologies implemented in highly demanding construction projects, Grading achieve ultimate business results, continued development and stable growth.

Our suppliers’ characteristics are strength and quality, with them we have long-lasting relations.

Grading consists of professional and motivated staff which is developed with the improvement of organization and who cares of each other. Grading is the unique team with team spirit and positive working atmosphere.

Employees with special knowledge are the part of organization with clear structure, where there is a defined role for each of them.

Your partner for a safe future!